African Dream Academy

Empowering African Children Through Education

ADA, Many Dreams, One Hope

WHAT IS ADA? – The African Dream Academy (ADA) is a Liberian non-profit corporation located in Monrovia, Liberia, whose mission is to provide free access to quality education and healthcare services to Liberian children to give them a better, healthier future and to support the future economic sustainability of their community.

WHY ADA? – Liberia is the fifth poorest country in Africa where neither education nor healthcare is free or accessible to many children, and unemployment (2003) is 85%; and where many people live on $1.00 a day and suffer from both physical and mental illness, such as malaria, which is endemic in Liberia, and PTSD, which is due to past civil wars and the Ebola pandemic.

WHAT DOES ADA DO? – Provides: 1. A free education to over 770 girls and boys from Nursery-age to Ninth Graders (2017-18); 2. A free, hot lunch, often the only meal students receive all day, and school uniforms for all students; 3. Free bus transportation to school; 4. Free healthcare services to all students and to all local children from infants to six years of age through the Children's Health Clinic at ADA; 5. Skills-training to mothers of students and local women to help them to support themselves economically.

HOW DOES ADA DO IT? – ADA is supported through grants made by its independent partner, the African Dream Academy Foundation, located in New York City, by other foreign donors, and by independent contributions of its Founder and Executive Director, Rev. Samuel R. Enders. With an all-Liberian staff at ADA, the cost to provide a free education per student is $500.

About the Foundation

Established in 2011, The African Dream Academy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation that raises financial and in-kind gifts for ADA and advises ADA on program development.

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About The Academy

The African Dream Academy, Inc., is a non-profit Liberian corporation, which operates a free, co-ed school from Nursery – Ninth Grade and a free Children's Health Clinic on RIA Highway, Monrovia, Liberia West Africa.

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There is not greater gift than to brighten a child's future. Make a gift today and give Liberian children hope for a better future through education and good health.

Learn how your gift can directly impact a child's life and give that child the chance to step out of poverty and hopelessness through education.

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