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Welcome from the Founder / CEO of African Dream Academy

Samuel R. Enders, Founder & CEO of African Dream Academy

Samuel R. Enders, Founder & CEO of African Dream Academy

Having grown up in poverty in Liberia, West Africa, I know first hand both the dire need for better educational opportunities in that country and the empowerment that a quality education provides. As the youngest of nine children, I experienced the death of my father when I was just two months old. Simply to survive, I routinely searched through garbage cans for food. Other necessities, such as clothing, were hard to come by. Healthcare and education were unaffordable and out of reach. In fact, by the age of 15, I had only managed to receive a third grade education. My challenges were only compounded as Liberia succumbed to a bloody civil war that ravaged Liberia's economy, infrastructure and its people. Unfortunately, my early childhood experience mirrors that of children across Liberia — and much of Africa — even today.

Through determination and providence, today I am very fortunate to have obtained a bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership and a master's degree in Divinity and Education. Now it is my greatest passion, and the cause to which I have dedicated my life, to help Liberia's youth of today escape Liberia's iron grip of poverty through education.

I founded African Dream Academy (ADA) in 2005. From 2005 to 2011, ADA operated the African Dream Camp (formerly known as Vacation Bible School (VBS) to provide counseling to 6,000 Liberian children for two week periods several times a year to inspire them to reach their dreams and to educate them in the life skills they desperately need. September 10, 2012 marked an exciting new chapter for ADA as it opened its first fully academic school with 140 children in classes from Nursery through the fourth grade.  Now ADA has 810 children in grades Nursery through 10th grade and will add 11th grade in the fall of 2019 and 12th grade in the fall of 2020.

Illiteracy remains an obstacle to breaking the country's cycle of poverty. The adult male literacy rate is 60.77%; whereas the female rate is 27.03%, showing a big gap between the sexes. To see how you can help ADA's mission to empower African children through education, I encourage you to read through this website. And please visit often. ADA will update this site regularly to report on progress in our ongoing efforts in Liberia and our fundraising activities in the United States.


Samuel R. Enders
Founder & CEO of African Dream Academy