African Dream Academy Video


Watch this film from our 2018 trip to see how African Dream Academy has grown and its plans for the future.

  • Director & cinematographer: Ian McAlpin

  • Editor: Tanya Ager Meillier

  • Music by: Timothy T. Cleary

  • Sound recording: Matt Smerling, David Bedard, Oscar Sloterbeck

  • Interviews conducted by: Lydia Spinelli & Karen Gaines

  • Thanks to: Samuel Enders, Lydia Spinelli, Karen Gaines, Kathryn Smerling, Matt Smerling, Gracey Stoddard, Oscar Sloterbeck, David Bedard, Jennifer Gonçalves, Megan Raelson, Timothy T. Cleary, Richard Levengood, Jennifer Judkins, Alexander Meillier