ADA, Many Dreams, One Hope


The shared mission of the African Dream Academy, Inc. (ADA) and the African Dream Academy Foundation (ADAF) is to reduce African poverty and foster sustainable development by "empowering African children through education."

Our vision is to build a state of the art educational institution in Liberia West Africa that provides a positive, healthy, and challenging environment for personal growth.

Our philosophy recognizes that all students deserve the opportunity to achieve their dreams through education, so that they can become responsible citizens in their communities and contribute to a democratic Liberia.  Therefore, ADA offers its program tuition-free, in order that students unable to pay the fees required by public schools can receive an education. In an atmosphere of mutual respect, the School provides the opportunity for students to mature intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically, and aesthetically.

ADA is committed to the pursuit of excellence, acknowledging that the quest itself is the most significant aspect of achievement. By recognizing and allowing for individual differences and special needs, the School encourages and inspires students to think logically, creatively, and critically for the benefit of themselves and society. All students offer a unique contribution to the African Dream Academy family.